A poem to hypnotherapy


Amidst the bustle of the modern world,
Where stress and worries are always unfurled,
There lies a way to find some peace,
And make your mind feel more at ease.

It's called hypnotherapy, a powerful tool,

To unlock the mind and calm its whirlpool.

With soothing words and a gentle touch,

It can help you heal and achieve so much.

It's not like what you see on the screen,

With swinging pendulums and eyes that gleam.

Instead, it's a state of deep relaxation,

Where the mind is open to new information.

In this trance-like state, you can explore,

Your deepest thoughts and emotions, and more.

You can face your fears and anxieties,

And find the strength to overcome life's vagaries.

Hypnotherapy can help you make a change,

And break free from habits that are strange.

Whether it's to quit smoking or to lose weight,

You can finally achieve what you contemplate.

So if you're feeling lost or in despair,

And need a way to get some fresh air,

Try hypnotherapy, and you might find,

That peace of mind is not far behind.